Kinglassie Postcard Competition

Kinglassie Postcard Competition

I had a couple of Fife Pilgrim Way walkers in my shop yesterday and they wanted to know if I had any postcards of Kinglassie as they like to send a postcard from each village/town they walk through.  That isn't something I stock and I wondered where I might be able to get some for future, then the thought struck me, why not get the residents of Kinglassie to show off our beautiful village!

So here it is, a competition for Kinglassie postcards with two categories, one for under 16's, and one for over 16's.  Postcards will be sold in Chandlers Attic and a goodie bag given to both winners.  All photograph entries must be emailed to

Note that the photos should be jpegs, landscape to fit the postcard format and should be a reasonable resolution for printing (around 300 dpi or more).  Other points are given in the competition rules (below).

Your photo can be of anything that is recognisable as Kinglassie  The deadline for photos is Sunday 22nd August 2021, thereafter the entries will be open for public voting with the winners announced on.Wednesday 1st September 2021


1. Photographs must be taken on or around Kinglassie

2. Give a title and name the area in which the image was taken.

3. No photos of children will be accepted unless accompanied by confirmation of permission from their parents or guardians.

4. Maximum number of entries for each person is 1 per age category

5. Only landscape JPEGs will be accepted, to fit the postcard format.

6. Photos must be high enough resolution to print, ideally 300 dpi.  If in doubt check the file size – if it is less than 2 MB it may not be suitable.

7. All photos will be shown online on Facebook and Instagram with the public voting for their favourite one, and the photo in each category that has the most likes will win and be made into postcards.

8.  All photograph entries must be emailed to

9. By submitting an entry you are confirming the following:

  • That the photographs were taken by yourself (or state the name and age if you are submitting them for someone under 16)
  • Your permission for the images (or image owner) to be used in the postcard and any associated publicity, including this web site and social media pages 
  • That the parents/guardians of any children in the photos have given permission for the inclusion of their images
  • You are happy for your name to appear on the postcard – if you are not willing to do this please state this
  • You understand that by entering this competition, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions stated above


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