Care Info

Get the most from your TabeScent product with our tips and hints

Candle Care

Our soy candles are made from 100% soy bean wax which is a completely natural product.  It is generally longer lasting than paraffin wax candles as it burns cooler and more evenly.

If you're not using it, you should store it in a cool, dry place away from direct light and heat so that it stays in the best condition for future burning.

Wood wicks are made of wood and burn with a subtle and relaxing crackling sound which has a lovely effect like a mini log burning fire.  Cotton wicks are made from braided cotton.  We use only wood wicks as this has been both mine and the preference of our customers.

Before lighting for the first time and each time re-lighting thereafter, the wick should be cut to about 3-5mm above the wax surface before lighting.  This will prevent the flame from burning too high and causing soot.  It is recommended that you use a pair of wick trimmers as this removes the debris but you can also use a pair of scissors, nail clippers, or you can snap off the burnt wood wick with your fingers after each burn (only when cool).  Also light the wick all the way along, not just the end. This helps the wick burn evenly.

To get the best from your candle, the first time you burn it you should ensure that all the wax melts across the surface with no wax left on the sides of the container. If you don't do this, the next time you light your candle, the wax will have a melt memory and will tunnel down leaving wax on the sides and you will get wastage.

We recommend a maximum burn time of 4 hours at any one time.  This allows the fragrance to distribute through your room, the wax to burn evenly, and it prevents the candle container getting too hot.  It also prevents the wick from becoming too long which is when it will start to smoke.

Don't burn a candle all the way down to the bottom.  Please leave at least 1/2 an inch of wax in the bottom of your candle. This will prevent the container becoming too hot and cracking or melting.  Once you can see the sustainer through the solid wax, don't burn further.

Always keep your wick trimmed to 3-5mm each burn time to prevent soot. This also helps keep the flame burning at the optimum height for best performance

Never burn a candle all the way down to the bottom and always leave at least 1/2 an inch of wax in the bottom of your candle.  This will prevent the container becoming too hot

Pick & mix melt pods

Learn how to get the most from our melt pods in all types of wax melt warmer

Place your wax warmer in a safe, stable area, away from drafts and anything flammable and also well out of the reach of children​ and pets

​Place your wax in the top of a dry wax warmer - do not add water.  One or two pieces is all that is required at any one time, depending on the size of your warmer.  Any more than this and you risk the wax overflowing

Our 100% soy wax melt pods can be used in an electric wax warmer but you may find that some electric warmers aren't warm enough to melt all of the soy wax.. If you do use an electric warmer, please ensure that the electric wax warmer has been safety tested

Tealight Wax Melt Warmer

Do not use an oil burner for melting wax, unless the instructions on the oil burner say that it is safe to melt wax.  Most oil burners aren't suitable, mainly due to their height.

Light a tealight candle in the base of the wax warmer and allow the wax to melt - when melted the wonderful aroma of the wax pods will be released into the room

Only use one 4 hour tealight candle in your warmer, and only use unscented tealights.  Ensure that the tealight candle is the appropriate size for your warmer.  Using more than one, scented tealights or the wrong size can cause your warmer to overheat, the bowl to crack and the wax to bubble and overflow, causing fire.

Don't forget to extinguish the tea light candle when leaving the room - never leave it unattended or within reach of children or pets

When the wax has cooled it will solidify again, you can either re-use the wax or remove it using various methods.  1. Gently tap the sides of the wax warmer and generally the solidified wax will pop out.  2. Place the removeable wax warmer plate in the freezer for about 10 minutes and try again, but make sure that the bowl has returned to room temperature before using or it will crack because of temperature extremes.  3. Pop a cotton wool ball into the melted wax and the cotton wool will absorb the melted wax.  Clean the wax melt bowl with another cotton wall ball to get rid of all traces of wax and then put a new wax melt in to use.

Remember, melting wax can involve a candle flame in tealight melt warmers, and hot melted wax; these two things can be very dangerous, so take extreme care and enjoy the wonderful fragrances that are available in our wax melts.

Only plug in where it can't be knocked by people or pets, and at a level above ground, preferably kitchen counter height.

Reed Diffusers

Follow these tips to get the best from your reed diffuser and make it last

A reed diffuser is a bottle containing a fragrance oil and diffuser base.  Reeds are inserted into the bottle to help diffuse the fragrance into your living space. 

Each reed diffuser comes with a travel stopper which should be removed before inserting the fibre reeds.

We provide seven fibre reeds with our reed diffusers.  Tradtional reeds have been known to have poor evaporation, reed clogging and poor scent throw.  Fibre reeds have been designed not to clog and with only very occasional requirement to flip!  The high-performance capillary and fragrance diffusion along the entire length of the wick provides a controlled and reliable rate of fragrance release.

Keep out of reach of children and pets

The diffuser liquid is flammable, do not light the reeds

Do not drink the fluid

Do not place directly on polished, finished or fabric surfaces or electrical equipment and wipe up any spillages immediately as they mark your furniture

Room & Linen sprays

A room and linen spray is a way to scent your room instantly with just a few spritzes to instantly create a beautiful fragrance and ambience.  When using as a linen spray, mist from 20cm away and only on washable fabric.

Keep out of reach of children and pets

The room spray liquid is flammable, do not spray on a naked flame or any incandescent material

Do not drink or inhale the spray liquid.  If consumed, seek immediate medical advice

Do not spray directly on polished, finished or fabric surfaces or electrical equipment

Mist linen from 20cm away and only on washable fabric

Place bottle upright on a level surface

Wipe up any spillages immediately 

Aroma Diffusers

Follow these care instructions to get the most from your aroma diffuser

An ultrasonic aroma diffuser is an electronic diffuser which safely and easily diffuses essential or fragrance oils into your home. 

Aroma diffusers come with an auto timer shut off feature. To use, just fill the water well to the mark with room temperature water and add 3-4 drops of oil.

Most aroma diffusers come with intermittent diffusing, allowing you to choose between constant or periodic diffusing.

It is best to clean your aroma diffuser after each time you use it. To do this, use a microfiber cloth or cotton buds to wipe away any excess oil or water,

Once or twice a month, give the equipment a more thorough cleaning by wiping everything down with rubbing alcohol, or drop a teaspoon of white vinegar into the diffuser water and let it run, It is best to do this in a utility room etc because of the smell.

Do not pour any remaining oil/water from your diffuser into a water supply such as down your sink, as the oils can be harmful to aquatic life if it comes into contact with them.