Rhubarb Fizz Fragrance Oil

Rhubarb Fizz Fragrance Oil

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Ultrasonic diffusers are a fantastic way to scent your home and you can now use TabeScent fragrance oils in them. 

Rhubarb Fizz is full of black plum and rhubarb aromas which make this a deep fruity favourite.

In a 10ml glass bottle with dropper, you only need to use 3-4 drops in your ultrasonic diffuser each time.

The ultrasonic diffuser utilizes electronic frequencies to cause a small ceramic disc under the surface of the water to vibrate. This breaks the oils into tiny particles, dispersing the oil into a fine mist and creating greater fragrance concentration. They use virtually no heat energy and they will cut off as soon as the water tank is empty. 

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I bought my original Reed diffuser in the gin and tonic fragrance and the amount of people that commented on it. It was in my bathroom but my whole flat seems to have the lovely smell. Great to be able to get a refill rather than having to buy the whole thing again. I also got my mum a refill for hers in the mimosa fizz fragrance, also a lovely scent.

Karen Heggie

Great service and lovely earrings for a gift .

Joanne Astley